Mini In The Park presents a display from the Mini7 Racing Club!

Cars will be present from all 4 of the classes that race in the national championship. There will be drivers and club members on hand to talk about the cars, including a presentation on how to get from “Mini In The Park” to racing on the circuit in 7 easy steps.

Cars will be doing a demo run on the main strip. You can also watch some race action at the Mini 7 Marquee!

Mini 7 racing is Europe’s longest running single make championship – 1966 to present.

Boasting large grids of race cars, and an excellent club membership, the Mini 7 Racing Club is always a favourite for race commentators and spectators a like.

The race cars offer excellent performance for money, challenging many of today’s more modern car formulas on overall pace.

The Mini 7’s and Miglias are guaranteed to give you a large amount of overtaking, due to equally matched machinery but mainly to the rather un-aerodynamic body that always gives the car behind a straight line advantage.

Off the track, the Club has a very friendly atmosphere with willingness to help new members become acquainted with the “tricks of the trade” and where to get the best advice.

Book your tickets today for a chance to see them yourself!