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The Bike 'True Cut'

The worlds only DIY Gasturbine powered Drag Jet bike that should top 150 mph on the strip! The engine that powers the bike was built in Australia by one of the groups founder members John Wallis. 

The thrust from the engine is turned into rotation shaft power by an experimental drive unit built by Rover in the 60's, the final drive is out put from a Yamaha XS 1100 bevel box. With help from members of DIY Gasturbines the owner, builder Andy Morris managed to get all these bits to work together and fit it all inside its homemade frame, the help from one of the UK best bespoke frame builders Steve Gagg.

The bike is geared to 243mph, this speed is more likely to be seen over mile runs, but at this stage of it development we are still hoping for three figure speeds over the quarter mile. The bike is able to produce 470 Nm torque at 0 rpm and 150 bhp.

To give you some idea of numbers... the engine at full power spins at 66 thousand rpm, the drive turbine wheel spins at 23 thousand rpm at 120 mph, The top speed of the engine is governed by speed of sound, as in the blade tips can not go above the speed of sound. In other words the tips go as close as possible to the speed of sound  767.269 mph. Which means one tip travels nearly 1125.33 feet per second and the whole engine is sucking in.

If you want to find out more about the bike and follow its progress go to for information on building you own jet engine

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